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Shamanic Healing | Shamanic Workshops | Shamanic Training | Huntsville AL

Shamanic Healing and Training

Massage Therapy Huntsville, AL with
                          Jeffrey Rich, LMT 656 Massage Therapist

Modern day life and its pressures and stress stifles your intuition and cuts you off from your natural sources of Light, Life and connection. Busy days create constriction and confinement in your spirit, adding to hopelessness, despair, and depression. You may feel trapped, knowing that there is something larger, something more.

Rediscover Your Luminous Inner Knowing

Awaken Your Luminous Self

Uncover and tend your Luminous Self with shamanic healing and techniques.
Live your Best Life!

Shamanic Healing with Jeffrey Rich
Care For Your Body, Medicine For Your Spirit
Jeffrey Rich, LMTFind your Joy and Re-Awaken to Your Divine Life's Purpose

  • Restore Your Personal Vitality and Connection to Your Natural Sources of Power
  • Rediscover Your Divine Purpose
  • Clear and Unwind Energetic Blockages
  • Clear Unsettling and Unhelpful Energies
  • Blessing Your House to Bring in Beautiful and Calming Energies -- Make Living There a Joy Again
  • Organizational Constellations for your Business or Project Reveal Hidden Dynamics at Work
  • Meet Your Helping Spirits and Guides by Learning Shamanic Journey Techniques

Shamanic Training and Workshops in
                        Huntsville, Alabama Upcoming Shamanic Training in Huntsville, AL

Shamanic Training and Workshop Schedule

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