Shamanic Healing and Shamanic Training with Jeffrey Rich

Massage Therapy
                        Huntsville, AL with Jeffrey Rich, LMT 656
                        Massage Therapist
  • Imagine being free of the issues which block you!
  • Imagine moving through your life with ease and confidence!
  • Imagine reconnecting with your simple, joyful Divine Light through Shamanic Healing!
Shamanic Healing works because it treats the spiritual causes of illness and dis-ease.

Shamanic Healing is Spiritual Healing And It Can Help You and Enrich Your Life in the Following Ways:

  • Restore Your Personal Vitality
  • Restore Access to Your Personal Power
  • You can Rediscover Your Divine Purpose
  • Remove Your Energy Blockages
  • Recover Your Lost Vital Soul Essence
  • Unwind Your Ancestral Issues
  • Help Calm and Eliminate Paranormal and Poltergeist Phenomena That You May Be Experiencing
  • Blessing Your House Makes Living There So Much Easier Because it Brings in Beautiful and Calming Energies
  • Blessing Your Businesses and Projects Can Help Them Run More Smoothly and Easily

Water, Willow & Moon
Care For Your Body, Medicine For Your Spirit, Healing For Your Soul
Find your Joy and Re-Awaken to Your Divine Life's Purpose with Physical and Spiritual Healing

Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Training and Seidr for You in Huntsville, AL

    • Shamanic Energy Medicine for Spiritual Healing
    • Space Clearing and Blessings for Homes, Businesses, Projects, and Objects
    • Shamanic Training, Shamanic Courses and Shamanic Workshops
    • Shamanic Training in the Andean Cosmology and care of Stone Mesa Bundles
    • I facilitate Shamanic Healing Ceremony
    • Seidr Ceremony of Oracular Divination
    • Public Speaking about Shamanism and Shamanic Healing
    • Accessible from Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA, Chattanooga, TN, Asheville, NC and surrounds

Contact me if you would like to schedule a consult, to schedule an appointment, or if you just want more information about shamanism, shamanic healing, massage therapy, or shamanic training in Huntsville. 

Shamanic Training and Workshops in
                        Huntsville, Alabama Upcoming Shamanic Training in Huntsville, AL

Shamanic Training and Workshop Schedule

at The Shining Mountain Healing Center
900 Wellman Ave #5 (Door opens on Russell St)
Huntsville, AL 35801
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